Joseph E Maez II

Managing Broker at The Maez Group in Albuquerque, NM

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The Maez Group

2116 Vista Oeste NW, Suite 201A Albuquerque, NM 87120
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When you want something done right, you call an expert. And when you want an expert in real estate, the answer is simple. You call Joe. Joe Maez is a proven real estate professional who knows how to do things right. Everyday he is out there working to make the real estate buying or selling process easier for you. No wonder that, regardless of which way the market has gone, Joe's sales have gone up every year. In Joe's best year he closed over 450 transactions, and that is no accident. Joe says, "If you really do a good job, you'll always have clients," and his track record proves it.

Joe, who has personally sold more than 2500 properties in the Albuquerque Metro Area, has unique and extensive knowledge of the local submarkets. More than that, he is the kind of person you instinctively trust. The first thing you notice about Joe is the sincere pleasure he takes in meeting new people. He honestly looks for and finds the best in you. The other thing that stands out is his optimism. Talking with him, it is hard not to feel that everything will work out for the best. "I love helping people through the real estate process," Joe says. "Every day is fun and different; in fact, it doesn't even feel like work!" Clients can sense his passion and enthusiasm and know that they are welcome to contact him anytime.

The second thing you notice about Joe is how he really listens to what his clients want and need. Whether you are a new investor or a seasoned professional, Joe really takes the time to find common ground and listen to where people are coming from. "When I meet new clients, my first objective is to build rapport with them and earn trust. The relationship always comes first," Joe explains. He doesn't just look at his clients choices; he looks at the whole person. Only after out finding out what they really need and want does he start talking about locations, and options. "My goal is to really understand what my clients are looking for and only show you the best options. My system can save you the time and stress of being dragged all over town to look at dozens of properties that you would never buy." Joe Maez has consistantly ranked as the #1 Producing Broker in closed units and volume for the entire state of New Mexico. He is excited to bring that same enthusiasm and drive to the commercial segment of the market.

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Bachelor, Operations Management
UNM Anderson School of Management 2005